Listen to Chasing Dreams Episode 32 with Stephanie Glass!


I’m featured in this week’s Chasing Dreams Podcast!  Aimee J. and I talk acting, Libraries, web series, Technology, modeling, martial arts, and fight choreography.

My advice to dream chasers: Saying ‘yes’ and not being afraid can lead to unexpected and amazing things!

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Metropolis: A Sci-Fi tale of sex, love, a robot, and a revolution. Nov 14 & 15 at Plays and Players.

Come see my (possibly) last show before the baby is born!

MetropolisMetropolis: A Sci-Fi tale of sex, love, a robot, and a revolution at The Grand Stage at Plays and Players Saturday, Nov 14, 9PM and Sunday Nov 15, 7PM, 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia PA, 19103. This production is for mature audiences. It is dance theater with burlesque roots. Tickets:

From the Metropolis Facebook page:

“November 2015, The Cabaret Administration will present a new modern adaptation of the 1927 silent film by Fritz Lang.

In a futuristic city where the rich live and work in tall towers, enjoy lush gardens and swanky nightclubs, the poor live underground and toil away just to survive.

Freddie an elite and privileged young man meets Maria, a worker from below. Maria leads him underground to the working class world he’s never seen. But Freddie’s father plots to destroy his new romance and works with an evil inventor to create a “false Maria”…”

Hope to see you there!


Two awards for Walk Of Shame at the Miami Web Fest!

I spent last weekend at the Miami Web Fest with The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame crew. I met some wonderful artists and had an amazing time. To top it all off, WOS brought home two Miami Web Tv Awards: Best Music/Score and Best Supporting Actress (for my role as CINDY).
I’m so glad Brandon Russell selected me to be a part of his web series, The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame. CINDY was so much fun to play! Watch out for new episodes in November!
Also, huge thanks to Bryan Thompson for putting on the Miami Web Fest. I am very grateful for the Best Supporting Actress award!

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Brandon Russell, creator of The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame
Brandon Russell, creator of The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame

Show Reminder: Glass Hart at Tabu Tomorrow!

Prepare your eyeballs for cabaret duet, GlassHart! We’ll be at Tabu in Philly tomorrow, August 4, for the variety show, Fair Game.

Until then,


Road to Recovery: The Stage

Glass Hart Cabaret and VarietyI’m going to be in my first stage performance since the surgery!

I have the extreme pleasure of collaborating with Dave DeHart in our new Cabaret act, Glass Hart. We’ll be competing in the variety show, Fair Game at Tabu Lounge in Philly on Tuesday, August 4.

We’ll be serving you a little song, a little fan dance, a lot of sass, and no pants! Come on out and we’ll knock your socks off.

Until then,


FYI: I met the very talented Dave because we’re both in the web series The Beat and Path: Walk of Shame. Watch it. You won’t be sorry.