Road to Recovery: The Idea

I haven’t been on stage since my performance with xx, The Cabaret back in November. That’s because I had  shoulder surgery soon after. I’ve been going to physical therapy for four months and with two more months to go, I’ve found that staying motivated to keep working out can be challenging. I realize I needed a bigger motivator…

A few weeks ago I was finally able to beak out my fans – the giant coral colored beauties. Since the fans are light weight, my physical therapist gave me the go-ahead practice with them at home. Just using them a few times provoked a strong desire to get back on perform again. Additional motivation found! So I’ve decided to use my recovery from surgery to prepare to get back on stage.  Over the next 8 weeks I’m going to select music, create choreography, even design a new costume or two. I hope to record some of the progress – and eventually take the new fan dances to the stage!

Wish me luck!

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