3 Suggestions: Paperback, Podcast, and Pie

I like my suggestions how I like my alliterations: in threes. Each of these glorious, magical, joy inducing items was recommended by my pals, Laura or Ellie.


Three Parts Dead” by Max Gladstone

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone
Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone

Suggested reading from Ellie. I just finished Three Parts Dead, an urban fantasy novel by Max Gladstone (who also has a great blog). I was impressed by the characterization of the women in the novel. Tara, the protagonist, is intelligent, brave, loyal, and decisive in action, but not perfect or indestructible. She is a prime example of what I’m mean when I say I like a strong female lead character. Plus, I don’t often see sci-fi or fantasy works featuring people of color so when I saw a brown-skinned woman with dark curly hair on the cover of Three Parts Dead, I was excited. This will not be the last book of Max Gladstone’s that I read!



Acker and Blacker’s The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast

Laura got me hooked on this one. If you are a fan of old-time radio, pulp novels, and comedy podcasts, you’ll LOVE the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. Also available through the Nerdist website.


Dangerously Delicious Pies

Laura, Ellie, and I stopped here on a magical night before going to Kostume Karaoke at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar (but that is another suggestion for another day). If I may recommend the SMOG pie (Steak, Mushroom, Onion, and Gruyère). The first time I tried it, I took a bite of Laura’s and I had immediate pie envy. Since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I recently brought home a whole SMOG pie. Matt and I just finished the last two pieces… and I miss it already.

2 thoughts on “3 Suggestions: Paperback, Podcast, and Pie

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’m always looking for a good podcast! Are you familiar with the Moth Podcast? Check it out if you’re not, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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