What to do in PA on the coldest day of the year?

Yesterday was freezing!

The single-digit temperature meant that Matt was off work. So we took an impromptu road trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA! The Farm Show is a week-long, yearly tradition for many residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Even former residents, such as myself, can’t resist the chance to eat amazing foods, see the animals and watch the shows, competitions, and auctions. As a child I had to see all of the animals. Now, the first stop is always the Food Court to stuff my face with fried cheese cubes and warm potato doughnuts right off the line  …and maybe the lamb stew and a baked potato, too. Then a swing past the goats and Suri Farm alpacas on the way to the Main Hall to buy local wine and interesting foodstuffs to take home. Finally it’s back to the Food Court (it’s on the way out!) to buy a 1/2 gallon of honey ice cream to take home.

Next year, plan to go to the Farm Show… and don’t even think of starting a New Year’s resolution involving a diet until afterwards.

Wine: Shade Mountain Vineyard Stone-Aged Prehistoric Peach & Anniversary White.

Ice Cream: Hall’s Premium Ice Cream Honey Ice Cream (Cinnamon).

3 thoughts on “What to do in PA on the coldest day of the year?

    1. Wow! I go to the website multiple times every year. I didn’t know I was looking at your handy work. I’d be happy to offer any design suggestions I can think of as long as you’ll do the same for me!

      1. Very little of the site is my design anymore. I think mine was better of course but every year there is more work and less people to do it.

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